1. Ultimate privacy
The first and foremost reason to book a private villa is the ultimate privacy that the villa can offer. If you are one of those who love your holiday to be exclusive and private, a privately-owned villa will be an excellent choice of your stays.

2. Peacefulness
The ultimate privacy also comes with a great peacefulness. In most cases, villas also come with excellent views.

3. Price
For a large family or group of friends, a private Villa will work out significantly to be more affordable than a resort. Renting a villa is all part of your experience.

4. Space
When you rent a villa, you rent the whole unit so there will be a lot of space for you and your family to enjoy. With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus kitchens and lounge areas, villas can provide a better “friends and family” experience. Villas provide ample space with different living areas for eating, sleeping, entertaining, reading and even lounging by the pool for your exclusive use. Villas are homes, and are set up with all of the necessities like sofas, TVs, board games and even the tools required to cook your own meal and spend your day as though you are actually in your own residence.

5. Everything belongs to you
Technically, everything in the villa belongs to you, at least, during your stay. So apart from having your private time, you can also have your private facilities such as an infinity plunge pool facing the sea and many other villa facilities & amenities.

6. Child-Friendly – Adult Friendly
Perhaps this should be the number 1 top reason for renting a villa. Travelling with kids isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, but you can make it a lot easier by renting a villa. Adults are always happier when the kids are happy. However, both groups have different needs to be met when on holidays. A villa is more relaxing. You feed the kids first and then have the adult BBQ, kids get up from the table and play in the garden after dinner rather than sit under the table with Ipads.
All of our villas have high chairs and baby cots so you don’t have to worry about trucking them along with you.

7. Pet-friendly
Some of the luxury villas are pet-friendly which is good for travelers who love to bring along their little companions on the trip. However, it really depends on the property owner. To play safe, you should always ask the owner first before confirming your booking.

8. Staff management
You are free to manage the frequency of cleaning and staff who come home as you see fit. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether to have a daily cleaning service or just at the end of your stay.

9. Uniqueness
Villas offer a distinctive design. Luxury villas are often impressive, one-of-a-kind properties such as châteaux, penthouses, ski chalets, or modern beach houses and located in unusual locations. Each night spent in a different villa will be unlike the any other. Because villas are built & designed by private individuals, they will always feature the owner’s personal sense of style and artistic characteristics.

10. Tailored Experience
By renting a villa you can customize many services and tailor your experience. The idea of ‘concierge hospitality’ is on the rise with holiday guests enjoying individually created welcome packs upon arrival as well as being picked up from airports, finding all the grocery perfectly stored in pantry and fridge and having villa managers organizing tour trips and vehicles or boats rental, organizing a SPA day by the pool and having a private chef or a babysitter for the little ones.

11. Security
Most Villas offer a high level of security. Whilst all Villas will have in-room safes, leaving your iPod, laptop, sunglasses or wallet around the villa is usually not a problem.

12. Accommodation and event location
Renting out a villa means you’ll have a venue to celebrate something, whether that’s a wedding anniversary, a big birthday or other family celebration.